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You need a trusted and experiencedfinancial planner who:

  • is not beholden to any bank or insurance company
  • only takes on new clients if they know they can add value
  • can provide total peace of mind
  • has a long term track record of helping clients achieve the lifestyle they want
  • has a totally transparent annual fee structure so you always know where you stand
  • keeps up-to-date with all aspects of investment, financial and tax legislation
  • is focused not just on maximising returns, but also minimising risk
  • offers a diverse range of investment solutions to suit you as they are uniquely tailored to you and your investment preferences

Experience and size matter

At Lifestyle Wealth Partners we specialise in managing clients with a lot to invest or just a little. We focus you as a matter of the highest priority.

We offer a highly bespoke, personalised service that is delivered by our hardworking, local and dedicated team.

And as a Fortnum Wealth Adviser, we also have the backing of one of Australia’s most respected independently owned financial organisations.

This gives us access to:

  • the strength and resources of Fortnum’s high quality investment and economic research
  • proprietary risk management framework for smarter portfolio management
  • risk insurance
  • financial strategists
  • bulk buying power and platform discounts
  • systems to enhance your investment opportunities
  • powerful software tools to help establish and manage your investment portfolio

At Lifestyle Wealth Partners our commitment to providing you with the best advice based on your financial situation is evidenced by the fact that we have eliminated investment rebates. So you know that every decision we make for your money is based solely on your specific needs.

Wealth accumulation and protection strategies

At Lifestyle Wealth Partners we have a history of making smart decisions with a lot of money.
We will proactively manage your personal wealth in partnership with you, so you can rest assured it is in safe hands.

Much of the value we bring to the table is through the work you don’t see: the investment research, the market updates, and our proactive portfolio management through the continual restructuring of your investments to mitigate/prevent any problems.

It is both our holistic approach to strategic financial planning and outstanding track record of wealth management that has enabled Lifestyle Wealth Partners to forge prosperous, productive and long-term relationships with all our clients.

If you want to spend your time enjoying the freedom that your wealth affords, rather than worrying about protecting and managing it, then contact us now to see how we can work in partnership with you.

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We provide you with peace of mind – manage your risk and ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities.

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