Protect & provide for your family

You’ll also want ensure that you can protect and provide for your family in the way that you decide, when your assets are being distributed.

At Lifestyle Wealth Partners we know careful and considered estate planning is about:

  • protecting your assets from unnecessary tax and creditors
  • planning for the future now, so you remain in control of your estate
  • helping protect loss of assets through situations such as divorce, natural disasters or unexpected illness
  • providing for your family’s future
  • professional advice that safeguards your wealth

So whether you’re planning for your own family’s future or acting as executor for someone else’s estate, we can help you every step of the way.

Our thorough understanding, combined with our in-depth industry knowledge and experience means we are uniquely positioned to help with the complexities of estate planning, including:

  • managing the legal, accounting, taxation and investment issues involved, including working closely with your accountant or lawyer
  • protecting and growing wealth with the smart use of trusts and other investment options
  • ensuring you are correctly insured in case of unexpected life events
  • creating tax-effective investment portfolios that provide a protected environment for your hard-earned savings

Talk to us today about structuring your affairs in the best possible way for you, your investments and your family’s future.

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