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An unexpected windfall can be a real stroke of luck, but it also can be a heavy burden. You don’t want to lose a large chunk of it with a hefty tax bill or a sudden downturn on the stock market.

If you’re not experienced in handling large sums of money, it can be tricky to make the important decisions on your own, such as: ‘How much can I spend?’, ‘How much should I invest?’ and ‘What is the safest place for my money?’

Which is why it makes financial sense to seek the advice of professionals who specialise in effective wealth management.

Smart decisionsfor long-term returns

At Lifestyle Wealth Partners we have the knowledge and the experience to provide a full assessment your financial situation and advise you on how to fully maximise the return on your lump sum.

We will take into account your income, assets, liabilities, lifestyle and potential future earnings and also help you:

  • with estate planning, so you can manage inheritance, charitable donations and strategies to help you minimise your tax bill
  • budget wisely, so you retain and grow your newfound wealth
  • consider the tax implications of how you decide to invest your money

We know all about making money and keeping money. Because we help our clients, just like you, to manage, grow and secure their financial future.

The gift that keeps giving

Regardless of the initial size of your lump sum, how you chose to invest your windfall is the most crucial decision that will determine your future financial freedom.

At Lifestyle Wealth Partners we can help you secure your money and invest it wisely to ensure you can continue to enjoy your windfall for many years to come.

So it continues to deliver and afford you the long-term financial freedom you desire, rather than just providing you with a short-term bonus.

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We provide you with peace of mind – manage your risk and ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities.

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