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Whether you are early or late to your retirement planning, starting a family, received an inheritance or looking at becoming serious about your wealth management, we can help.

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At Lifestyle Wealth Partners our clients come to us for our proven track record of financial advice, but they stay because of the value we add to so many aspects of their life.

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You’ve worked hard to accumulate your wealth and you don’t want to risk it - We offer a highly bespoke, personalised service that is delivered by our hardworking, local and dedicated team.

Our 5-step end-to-end approach to retirement planning ensures you can maintain a comfortable lifestyle now and that your money is working now for your retirement.

Being expert and highly experienced in providing SMSF advice we can either help you decide if one is appropriate for you or help you manage your established SMSF.

We have the knowledge and the experience to provide a full assessment of your financial situation and advise you on how to fully maximise the return on your lump sum.

Managed accounts offer the optimal balance of clarity and transparency for the client combined with efficient and effective portfolio management to maximise opportunities and minimise risks to enable the construction of robust portfolios to create great outcomes for our clients.

Whether you own and run a small business, or have a busy corporate life, balancing the demands of work and family, we can provide you with peace of mind with a financial plan for the future.

Whether you are going through divorce, been divorced or widowed, or have become single again, Lifestyle Wealth Partners can help secure your financial future.

We have a thorough understanding of ALL the investment options available to you, not just the state of the real estate market and can provide you with comprehensive, up-to-date advice, on a multitude of investments

Estate Planning ensures those you care about the most are in the best possible position after your incapacitation or death.

A well established estate plan is a wholistic way of integrating both your legal and financial matters under one umbrella, and covers things you may not have considered such as tax implications, relationship breakdowns and bankruptcy.

Our investment philosophy

The result is peace of mind for the client knowing the risks are being managed

Lifestyle Wealth Partners (“LWP”) believe that clients define risk in multiple ways and have different tolerance levels to each risk. This is in contrast to the traditional portfolio construction approach, where risk is defined as volatility. This we believe can potentially lead to suboptimal decisions on behalf of, and by, the client.

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About Lifestyle Wealth

Looking for support in making life’s decisions?

With Lifestyle Wealth Partners you can relax, knowing we’ve got your back.

Because we work on your behalf, liaising with your other professional advisers to tailor a unique financial plan for you that:

  • Is based on a thorough understanding of your current situation;
  • Will maximise your potential outcomes while minimising your risks; and
  • Achieve the financial and lifestyle outcomes you desire.

Because at Lifestyle Wealth Partners our name reflects both our ethos and our service delivery to you.

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