Australians who received government support during the COVID-19 pandemic have been warned to include it as income in their tax returns.

Australian Taxation Office assistant commissioner Tim Loh says it is important for Australians to get their taxes correct the first time.

“Tax time can be a smooth and easy experience if you know what income you must include and what COVID-related expenses you can claim in your tax return,” Mr Loh said.

He said among the most common changes for taxpayers include receiving an income support payment and alterations to what can be claimed as a work-related outgoing.

Expenses could include paying for work-related COVID-19 tests or protective workwear such as masks and gloves, and purchasing hand sanitiser for those who continued working through the pandemic.

Taxpayers and their registered tax agents affected by COVID-19 or financial hardship can access support at


NSW: 6385 cases, eight deaths, 1307 in hospital with 36 in ICU

Victoria: 9181 cases, 12 deaths, 514 in hospital with 24 in ICU

Queensland: 4288 cases, no deaths, 316 in hospital with four in ICU

Tasmania: 776 cases, no deaths, 39 in hospital with none in ICU

NT: 222 cases, no deaths, 12 in hospital with none in ICU

WA: 5787 cases, two deaths, 290 in hospital with 15 in ICU

SA: 2715 cases, five deaths, 234 in hospital with seven in ICU

Peter Bodkin
(Australian Associated Press)