Maeve Bannister
(Australian Associated Press)


Australians are embracing post-lockdown shopping in the lead-up to Christmas, buying and spending more on presents than in previous years.

Research from Monash University has found 92 per cent of Australian shoppers will buy Christmas gifts in 2021, up five per cent from last year.

After spending more time in lockdown than the average Australian, Victorians are expected to spend more on gifts this year.

Compared to the average present shopper, Victorians are set to spend 19 per cent more on personal care gifts, 17 per cent more on clothing-related items and 42 per cent more on travel and related gifts.

Principal consultant Eloise Zoppos said the extended lockdowns, retail closures, travel bans and separation from loved ones have impacted how Australians choose to celebrate Christmas in 2021.

Concerns about delivery delays and stock levels meant some embraced early Christmas buying with 18 per cent of shoppers starting sooner than usual.

But 55 per cent of Australians started their shopping one or more months in advance, and 46 per cent start in the four weeks leading up to Christmas.

The research found Australians prefer a mix of physical and online shopping and around 19 per cent of present shoppers expect to use physical retailer websites such as Myer or David Jones.